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Coliform Index and Waterborne Disease Cara Gleeson

Coliform Index and Waterborne Disease

Cara Gleeson

Published December 5th 1996
ISBN : 9780203476888
0 pages
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 About the Book 

In the past decade there has been a rapid increase in waterborne outbreaks of disease associated with viral and protozoan agents, normally in drinking waters that were found to be microbially safe using the Coliform Index. For nearly a quarter of a century indicator organisms, in particular the coliform group, have been used to ensure the microbial quality of drinking water. Currently, world wide legislation to protect consumers is based on these outdated and unreliable tests and while there is considerable concern among scientists over their use, the water industry and regulators continue to place near total reliance on the Coliform Index. This book provides: * the first full account of the nature and applications of the Coliform Index * coverage of new and proposed water quality legislation: * details of emerging pathogens in water: * an evaluation of the role of the coliform count in future water quality analysis. It will be an essential tool for water companies at all levels,