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Angel Baby Charles J. Hemphill

Angel Baby

Charles J. Hemphill

Published August 6th 2013
Kindle Edition
187 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Tom Masterson becomes his future parents’ matchmaker before he’s even born. When a glitch in the celestial baby delivery system is discovered, Tom learns he will be the first of a generation of babies not be born. To rectify the problem, Tom is sent to earth as an adult during the chaos of WW II to find his future parents, have them fall in love and marry so Tom can be born and the system correct itself. Tom has only two months to find his future mother, Barbara Hamlin, a British Nurse living in London as bombs and V-1 rockets fall from the sky and his future father Captain Steve Masterson, the pilot of a B-17 bomber trying to survive the slaughter of aerial warfare over Nazi occupied Europe.Tom joins his future father’s aircrew as a co-pilot and endures the hell of flying over occupied Europe during the crews last five missions as his searches for his mother.Tom’s persistence pays off and he finally gets his future mother and father to meet. But his work is still not done because from the first time they meet their personalities clash. Tom tries everything he can think of to get the incompatible pair to bond, but when he has unexpected mishap, it becomes the catalyst that finally sends the couple down the path to love and marriage.